Friday, 20 May 2011


life is a confusing place to coexist in.
everything is always changing and backward looks are forbidden.
running and dancing to catch your breath are about the only thing that can stop the never ending pattern:
two feet, one step. forward, over - under - behind, forward. forward. onward.
flying is unrealistic and impossible to attain.
but we mimic the birds on the ground when we can, anyway.

i don't really understand myself yet.
but at least i know, that i don't have to
and i don't want to
and that is very reassuring.  

please try.
keep trying;
and try to speak to everything that doesn't have a voice
then we will all be better off.

you don't have to care, but you need to understand.
otherwise crippling words plummet on our heads, where our hats would rather be, and life is hard for you, and they have to live with it.
everyone has a headache, people shout and wail, poppy-seed muffins are not near a delicious, rocks are cold and more rough, and the world in general is not a pleasant place to be
that is where we have been for so very long, from the moment you and your ancestors were born, and somehow we haven't found your way out, even with every reason in the world backing the cause.
help us to rise out of it.
and you don't even need to care, but if you try to understand, you can't know how much better for that (you- yours- we, our/are, they, and them + us) we'll be until then.
and to all those who try,
thank you for the effort!

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