Monday, 12 December 2011

16 of my favourite things :)

I got tagged by Mads~from Pop your Fashion Pill. This tag is just name my favourite things!

Here they are!

1. Colour: I'm currently in love with Blue!

2. Dessert:jenis saya , tak makan la desert2 nie . :) tak berape nak suke sangat .. manis la .. ais cream ok kot .

3. Smell: I love the smell of new things . And I love the smell of my favourite perfume: dewberry dewberry from the body shop ..

4. Flower: kecantikan Bunga Teratai  :)

5. Animal: I am actually a cat person....awww. hehehehe

6. Month: Hehehe my birthday month August!

7. Beverage: Huhuhuh apple juice =p , and Nescafe Suam .. hahaha

8. Shoes: I love all my shoes ..  yang paling sayang Nike SB high and Nike Dunk Low ..:)

9. Snacks: i like eat some snacks when i watch some movie in my laptop

10. Songs: Currently love the song 'Dear god' from the Dutch band 'AvengedSevenfold' and i love katy perry song & voice. Hurt & Beautiful are my faves.

11. Book: I am not a book reader. I remember loving 'The Da Vinci Code' and still have to start with 'Confessions of a shopaholic'

12. Fruit: Strawberriesssss!dapat pulak celup ngan coklat , mmg umpphh ! hahaha

13. Hairstyle:Like this ... Style kan !

14. Things to Collect: Shoes, Music Boxes & Dslr D3x

15. Movies: A lot..... like Transformers, Crank 1 & 2 etc. I love watching horror, action, love stories, comedy and asian dramas.

16. Restaurant: Don't have a favourite, but I love to try out all kind of food from different cultures.
                                                                 THE END !

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